Youth forum

The first Youth Internet Governance Forum (Youth RIGF 2021) will take place on April 6, 2021, at Skoltech. Students on bachelor’s and master’s courses, graduate students, recent graduates and anyone interested in ICT, under the age of 30, are invited to take part.

The event will give participants the chance to communicate with ICT experts, take part in one of the four sections, discuss the future of the internet with well-known bloggers, and suggest ideas for a youth statement that will be formulated following the Forum.


  • (NON) virtual reality
  • Digital economy: utopia or dystopia?
  • My personal data: Whose are they really?
  • 2020 - the year of TikTok: Hype or the main youth platform?

Moreover, Youth RIGF will have fan zones with educational workshops and IT venues where a neural net will compose a new poem, and devices from the good old days will give joy and evoke childhood memories.

Those registered at the forum will be able to take part in workshops and other activities from event partners, and promising young ICT professionals will have a chance to win the Youth RIGF prize.

Please find the preliminary program and registration form at